What with one thing or another, such as moving into our first home or the birth of our daughter, it is easy to lose track of where I was with various software projects. I am reminded of this often, but it really hits home when I go through my blog entries for Xizi. There are so many ideas that I’d like to develop a bit more, but when getting an hour or two free and in front of a computer it is difficult to pick up one of these things from the workbench and do more than tinker. Admittedly, the concept of Xizi will have to undergo a lot of change. Now that Parse.com is dead (way to go, Facebook!) and their stuff open source, I might just re-use the name for something else.

So, I need to use blog entries more to record my latest thoughts on where I am up to with projects and ideas, such that I can more easily dip into their development with the free time that I have.